What are businesses doing to get online customers in 2021?

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Online shopping is on the rise

When it comes to business operations, you need to do everything well from the start. As a business owner, everything you do matters a lot to your business. When you make decisions, they should at all times be favorable to your business. 

Now, the world has moved online. In 2021, there will be over 230 million US online buyers. The number of online customers continues to rise every year. Let’s face it, online shopping has become a part of our daily lives. In fact, 73% of people now shop online at least once a month. With the availability of an infinite amount of products, shopping on the internet has become an addiction for many people.

The online marketplace benefits from this new trend too, they are able to reach more customers and increase their revenue by offering more products and services. This is why the market is expected to grow by 12% in 2021 – which means that $4 trillion worth of goods will be sold online this year alone.

Online shoppers are often looking for convenience and low prices, so that’s what they should find on the platform they choose to purchase from. They might even decide how much money they want to spend before they even start searching

The coronavirus pandemic, on the other hand, is changing how people do business. Your customers are already online. You need to be online as well and connect with them. To get the best out of your market, you must ensure you use the right strategies.  More operations are moving online than ever before. Are you ready?


How do I get more online customers?

Statistics tell us that 75% of consumers will never scroll past the first page of search results.  What if your business is on the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th page of search?  You don’t get the clicks and traffic to your business that you need to be competitive in today’s online environment. 

Since 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine, you need that organic traffic to compete.  Keep in mind, there are over 1 trillion google searches every month.  But the average business owner doesn’t have the power to rank on the first page of Google for the best keywords. 

You need a good SEO company who are experts in the field to build trust and authority with search engines.  When search engines like Google trust your site, they reward you with top placement when consumers are searching for the product or service you offer.

As a business that needs to succeed, the first thing to do is get a good marketing strategy. Luckily, there is nothing more effective with the changes we see right now than doing digital marketing. Digital marketing connects you to the world, and your website and reputation are more important than ever before.


How can One Trick Mouse help?

The first thing is to get experts who can help you. There are many companies to choose from, so why choose us?

We listen to your wants and needs, keeping your goals in mind. We customize a marketing plan tailored for you! This is why you need to work with One Trick Mouse. We are a leading digital marketing team that will get the job done for you.

Our proven search marketing and optimization strategy is based on the latest rankings factors. We make sure your website makes search engines like Google understand what you do and rank you for your top keywords. Ranking factors integrate a cohesive plan that includes content generation, social media marketing, backlinks, press releases, and great on-page optimization which will lead to high domain authority and ranking.

Before our ranking efforts begin, we will analyze your current website, as well as social media accounts and your Google My Business page.  Keywords that include your city or state often receive a higher amount of relevant web traffic. Research and analytics will allow us to pinpoint the best keywords for you, with the best return for your business.

As a part of our process, we provide a detailed analytic ranking report each month. You will be able to track the progress our team is making throughout the duration of your campaign.

We are so confident we can deliver results, there is a 100% guarantee for our services.  

If you want more information or a free analysis please contact us.